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Airocide’s Revolutionary Filterless Technology.

Airocide’s air purifier looks radically different, because it is radically different.
The technology is so scientifically advanced it doesn’t use a filter.



Only Salt & Water !

NaOClean uses salt, water and electricity to generate the highly active sodium hypochlorite and then a strong disinfectant water that serializes and disinfects in a short period time, without adding any other chemical. it is harmless to the human body and is resolved with time and therefore environment-friendly. It perfectly complies with "HACCP" standards. Besides, you may drain this disinfectant water without any pressing. It won't affect the environment and drain facility at all. It doesn't violate the sewage regulations either. It doesn't emit any strong smell and will keep the workplace always pleasant.

NaOClean is a disinfectant generator developed by D&D Electronics for the first time in the world that generates NaOCl which is obtained by electrolyzing the tap water or ground water to which small amount of salts are added and sterilizes and disinfects bacteria in a short period time by using NaOCl. This product is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human bodies as it contains no chemicals NaOClean doesn't cause any second hand contamination and meet the sterilization & disinfection and sanitary management provisions in "HACCP" standards.

"NaOClean" is a compound word of "NaOCl" which stands for sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient of disinfectant generated by electrolyzing the water and 
"Clean" which means a clean environment.

Featured Products

Airocide & NaOCl Generator Machine are our recognized products on the market. Their advantages are:

Suitable for Patients with

Allergy, Asthma, etc.

Airocide believes an air purifier should eliminate harmful pathogens from the air, not just trap them. More importantly, it should eliminate the things you can’t see, things that not even the best HEPA filters can touch.

Eliminates VOCs

That HEPA Filters Can’t.

Think about a screen door. Large particles are prevented from passing through it, while smaller things, like tiny particles, waft through unaffected. Filters work the same way.
Disinfectant Generator

Disinfectant Generator

High-pressure Washer

This system ensures reliable supply of electrolyzed disinfectant based highly active Sodium hypochlorite. Without affecting the pH level, just electric current passes through tap water mixed with a small amount of salt in an undivided electrolytic bath.
Disinfectant Generator

Disinfectant Generator

Control disease causing pathogens

Disinfectant Generator helps control disease causing pathogens when sprayed on pens, feeders, walls, & floors and also has hemostatic propertis. Has shown efficacy as adjunctive therapy for atopic dermatits (AD).

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