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Here’s How Airocide® Increases Profits.

Airocide is a food preservation technology so powerful that it eradicates virtually all the ethylene gasses that spoil inventory as well as mold and bacteria. Making food safer and making it stay fresh longer. And more inventory equals more sales opportunities and profits—no matter which role of the farm to fork process you are. Born from NASA, Airocide’s revolutionary technology allows you to drastically reduce shrinkage, improve food safety and provide the freshest produce to your customers. Allowing you to do more with less.

Airocide uses no filters, has nothing to clean, is virtually maintenance free and runs on as little power as a light bulb.You could easily add five to 15 percent to your net profits simply by employing this unique, affordable technology. Just imagine your possible gain over a quarter, or over a year.



Growers And Packers

Product Quality, Food Safety And Freshness

As a grower, you wage a battle not only against the elements, but also airborne contaminants. From ethylene, to cross-contamination from mold spores, bacteria and mycotoxins; the fight to keep produce as fresh and safe as possible is unceasing. Yet most of the threats to your work come from airborne contaminants you can’t even see. By installing an Airocide® bioconversion system where your harvest is stored you can eliminate virtually all airborne mold and ethylene gas, as well as bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in that environment.

As the first step in the food chain, with today’s emphasis on food safety and traceability, your operation is the first to be blamed if your crop can’t survive delivery to the store or is somehow contaminated. Discover how your contemporaries are winning the battle by storing their post-harvest products in Airocide-protected environments. Explore their stories of success below.


CASE STUDY: London Fruit

London Fruit, Inc, trades on its food safety standards, product quality and on its ability to trace products from their own and client grower’s fields to the customer’s store shelf. The company is in the business of receiving, repacking storing and shipping limes, mangoes, avocados and pineapples, all imported from Mexico. Individual cold rooms are provided and specifically controlled to protect each fruit’s needs throughout the ripening process.

The company submitted to the Primus Labs certification process as a part of it continuous program of process improvement to improve food quality and safety results. At the same time this decision was taken, the company elected to install Airocide bioconversion systems to ensure the best possible result. Today London Fruit uses the fact that they are Airocide bioconversion equipped along with their Audit Certification from Primus as key marketing tools to their expanding customer base.




You Don’t Have To Be The Fall Guy. Your reputation rides with every shipment, so the need to provide fresh produce to your sellers is essential. But it’s fraught with obstacles. Good performance, of course, means sellers are more likely to use your services again. But contaminants hinder your ability and your profits.

Product Protection of Airocide for Shipper

You’re on schedule, your equipment is working normally, and when you loaded up, the produce looked fine. Yet when you unload, it smells moldy. There may even be some spots forming on the walls. And the crop you are carrying looks tired and sad. Suddenly, people begin to blame you for the deterioration.

But of course it’s actually the harvest sabotaging itself. Along the way, undetectable mold spores flourished, while the produce’s natural ethylene gas accelerated the ripening process; the enclosed space only compounding the issues. Sure, you’ve tried potassium permanganate filters, pellets and sachets but with only limited success. You’ve spent the money and watched them change color as they quit working.

But what if you could eliminate the mold. Eliminate the ethylene. Even eliminate fungi, bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds and do it continuously without the expense of those band-aid solutions? You can.

Install an Airocide® bioconversion system in your refrigerated units and you’ll be amazed at the results. Airocide bioconversion systems eliminate virtually all airborne mold and ethylene gas, as well as bacteria, viruses, and pathogens regardless of size that enter its reaction chamber. And Airocide doesn’t wear out. With Airocide you can significantly increase produce freshness, which will give grocers the same benefit. Give them this key advantage—and get more business in return.


CASE STUDY: Slingshot Transportation

Slingshot is a cold storage and transportation/logistics company handling all types of fruits and vegetables.

PROBLEM: Visible mold and odor, cross-contamination and retail customer complaints of short product shelf life.

CUSTOMER SOLUTION: Employ Airocide and stress NASA technology to customers as a means of overcoming/reversing complaints.

RESULTS REPORTED: Slingshot reports the elimination of mold on ceilings and walls, elimination of odors and their customers have reported a noticeable extension of shelf life for Slingshot-supplied products.

CUSTOMER REACTION: Since installing the initial system in one cooler, customer has now populated every cooler in their operation with the product.



Supermarket / Retailer

Fresh produce is at the heart of a supermarket. Customers may come in for the price, but they look to you for freshness. It’s up to you to keep the product fresh, with plenty of appetite appeal. Keep it safe. Keep damaged product out of your displays at all times. And all this depends on you. Yes, you are the brand.

Product Protection of Airocide for Retailer

You deal with issues the customer never sees. Mold spores in the air. Airborne bacteria. Cross-contamination impacting flavor when incompatible produce is stored together and with cold storage space at a premium that may be unavoidable. To say nothing of the accelerated ripening/spoilage and loss in profits that ethylene produces. 

It’s a heavy burden but one that Airocide® can lighten. Put Airocide inside the cold room and watch the shelf life of your produce increase along with the safety and quality of the product you provide to your customers. Just install an Airocide bioconversion system in the cooler. It’s as easy as that. All with a machine that uses no filters, has nothing to clean, and it is virtually maintenance free. It’s green friendly - running on as little power as a couple of light bulbs. Leaving you with smiles on customer’s faces and an increase in your profits.


CASE STUDY: Organic Supermarket

An organic foods supermarket participated in a study to determine the pathogen killing ability of Airocide in their walk-in coolers, in the interest of increased food safety, and product life and appeal. The results showed an average airborne-mold reduction inside the coolers of 89 percent and an airborne-bacteria reduction of 67 percent.



Cold Storage / Food Warehousing



Elimination Is The Best Solution.

Food safety, traceability and sustainability are the three key words that resonate throughout the industry today. Be lacking in any one and you could be out of business. With material coming into your facilities from numerous suppliers, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of where each product came from—to say nothing of what contaminants came on them. Every time a new shipment arrives so does mold spores, mycotoxins, viruses, and bacterium. One crop can easily infect another.

Even scrubbing down coolers on a regular basis doesn’t keep mold from building up on the walls. Meanwhile trapped ethylene gas accelerates maturation of produce. And if there is shared space between different crops, cross-contamination between them is a problem. Until now, it has seemed like a never-ending battle. But cold-storage pros are finding out the secret; a NASA developed and perfected product called Airocide®.

Airocide’s unique bioconversion-technology system doesn’t filter. It actually eliminates ethylene gas, mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses and even volatile organic compounds—simply by molecular-conversion. By eliminating the culprits, labor is reduced and produce is saved. And that’s truly a breath of fresh air.


CASE STUDY: Tomato Cooler

Research Summary – Tomato Cooler, Regional Produce Wholesaler; Alberta Canada. A clinical study of an Airocide® bioconversion system was conducted in the 19,500 ft3 tomato cooler of a regional produce wholesale company in Alberta, Canada. The study was conducted during three days of normal business activity. The results showed airborne mold reduction inside the cooler of 54 percent in 24 hours and 62 percent in 48 hours. Airborne bacteria in the same cooler decreased 75 percent in 24 hours and by 100 percent in 48 hours.

Airocide Specifications

Download Airocide Specification


Airocide VS Traditional Filter

Comparison Between Airocide and Traditional Filter


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